DTDC Packers and Movers

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

  • What is DTDC Packers and Movers Delhi,India?

    DTDC Packers and Movers Delhi, India is an exclusive movers and packers companies contribution of a range of packing moving facilities like stuffing moving, home shifting, office shifting, loading unloading, transport-moving, warehousing or storage facilities, shifting, car transportation by car transporters and other related facilities. The site is one of its caring fully faithful to the packing moving facility providers in Delhi, India. The peoples/users can examine, demand quote, view company facts, compare facilities and get to the top packing moving concern.

  • How long it will take to complete whole packing and moving process?

    Generally, as per our understanding one bedroom sized house takes generally two-to-three hours to complete whole process but it also rest on the things to be moved and distance between two places.

  • How to Book a Services from DTDC Packers and Movers in DElhi, India?

    You can book either through the "Online Enquiry Form" or by calling us directly at our Contact Number, +91 - 97 1860 1800, +91 - 93 5020 180 or mail Us at- CUSTOMERDTDC1800@GMAIL.COM

  • What is the insurance for stuff, are there any chances of damages?

    We box each and every thing of our clients very wisely & casually so chances of damages are not a bit. Insurance of your things is meant to be for some mandatory conditions like natural Disasters or mishaps etc. All your things will be insured so you will not allow any economic loss in any such situation.

  • What are the needed documents required for the relocation of my car or bike?

    To relocate your car/motorcycle lawfully, you need photocopy of each documents which includes, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Pollution Certificate and Owner Self Statement.

  • Do you move the LPG Cylinders? And which things are not shiftable in Trucks?

    No, we cannot transport LPG Cylinders if we are rootless from one city to other as there will be Police check post concerns. Also, stuffs like Liquids/Oils, Flammable Items will not be moved.

  • How can I track my items, Shipment after departure from original place?

    You can track your items in communicating with our manager/directors or staff members or you can also contact our nearest office where our administrative will update about the status of items in shipment.

  • What if it starts raining during shifting process?

    We take all the primary protections for weather circumstances such as rains, heat etc. We use Wrapped Weather Proof closed Containers for carriage.

  • Is that possible to establish few spiritual items for worship before entering into new house?

    Yes of course!, we have high opinion the feelings and devoutness attached with the love places/stuffs of our clients, so we also give reputation and importance to accurately pack and transport firstly all the objects linked with Puja Ghar/Mandir. Our superior staff members will help you to take such items arrive first at your fresh house. And we also certify the respect and purity during complete moving and fitting process.

  • What type of Payment Options do I have?

    You can pay us by cash or cheque, we also receive other mode of payments but be ensure sending of your items and make payments only after validation with our responsible team members/managers.

  • Is there any additional charges I need to pay during moving of goods?

    No, you are not responsible to pay any extra charges like toll-taxes, terminal charges etc. except our settled payment which will be accepted after last delivery of all your things as per our commitments.