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What are the types of insurance that Packers and Movers Companies provide?

Different types of insurance that Packers and Movers Companies provide?

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10 Dec


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What are the types of insurance that Packers and Movers Companies provide?

The risk is uncertain. you cannot guarantee what will happen next even while doing relocation of household goods from one city to another. To minimize the financial loss caused by the damage of your household goods while relocation, we used to have an insurance for this. Believe it or not but it is the only way to make sure that you will not be suffering in the coming future if for god forbidden something mishappens.

Insurance concept is simple. If something miss happened to your household goods while relocating or shifting your home to a newer place, you will definitely be suffering from financial loss. And to get those things back, you will be spending money from your pocket. Therefore, if you had already taken an insurance from the company you have chosen for the household shifting, then you might get compensation for the loss.

There are various companies that provide insurance with their services complimentary. However, you need to make sure that the company which is giving you the packing and moving service is adding the appropriate insurance plan with it. There are some companies who force you to stick to their very own insurance such as the company is only providing transit insurance which means you cannot avail all-inclusive insurance plan. So beware of those companies as they are not good to work with.

Basically, there are two types of insurance in packing and moving service:-

1. Transit Insurance

Transit insurance As the name suggests, this insurance will be applicable only when the damage is caused while transporting the household goods. Charges for this type of insurance in 1.5% on the declared value of the goods. Usually, this type of insurance is provided by the third party insurance companies.

2. All Inclusive Insurance

All inclusive insurance means it will cover any damage caused during the shifting process. Charges for this type of insurance is 3% on the declared value of the goods.usually, this type of insurance is provided by the packers and movers companies itself.

Now you need to choose which type of insurance you want for your relocating or shifting process. At Packers and Movers, you will get a choice of what type of insurance you want before starting the shifting or relocating process. DTDC services are very reliable and affordable so you will not face any kind of difficulties in availing the best plan for you as well as the price will not hurt your pocket. To make sure everything is covered under our insurance, we use to follow a process that involves:-

Inspection of your household things or office materials

When you ask for DTDC to provide you insurance along with the shifting service then our very first step is to visit your place to inspect what kind of goods you are having.

Identifying the best Packers and Movers in Delhi for your requirements

When the inspection is done, our team will then look for the best suitable insurance company that fits your requirements.

Price evaluation of the goods

When they confirm about the best company, they then ask you to prepare a documented valuation of your goods

Preparing insurance quotation

After evaluating the price, our team will then prepare a quotation based on the valuation of your goods. Usually, we prefer all-inclusive insurance unless you prefer the insurance company and the type of insurance you want to have. This is the last step after which shifting process begins.

At DTDC, we take care of our customers as we want to be sure that the customer whom we are providing our services will leave a smile in surrounding about how DTDC performed and helped him or her achieving this complicated task with ease. Hope this article will help answer all your insurance related queries. For more information about insurance and other packing and moving queries, feel free to call us or fill your required query on our contact form and let us contact you at the earliest.